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Nigel Greensall Motorsport

Website and YouTube Launch was launched in May 2010. With Nigel having raced cars professionally for over 20 years, the brief was to show the wide range of experience and huge variety of cars driven during this time. It was also important that the website reflected Nigel’s friendly personality, whilst providing clear and useful racing advice and strong results on track, as it is this combination that attracts many clients.

Welsby Marketing conducted research with some of Nigel’s clients to discover:

As a result of the research, there were two clear groups who would use the website apart from existing customers:

1. Individual customers seeking one-on-one tuition, who were keen to:

2. Racing teams were interested in the website, as they wanted to:

The photo gallery and videos brought Nigel’s work to life, as motorsport is an exciting activity – video especially captures the moment and provides confirmation of what Nigel can achieve on the track.

Much of Nigel’s business comes from referrals, therefore his website is absolutely key to reassure potential new customers that he is the driver coach and racing co-driver for them.

Eau Rouge were appointed to generate the logo and design elements of the website - a small, specialist agency with involvement in the motorsports arena, so they understood the importance of a very factual website (results, tuition, case studies) but with a need to bring through Nigel’s personality.

A YouTube channel was launched in conjunction with the website, to provide a snapshot of key moments of on-track action so that new and existing clients could see Nigel’s success and experience the excitement.

Since the website launch, a series of Driver Training articles have been introduced, along with new videos, latest season news and updated gallery photos, which bring customers back to the website regularly and encourage recommendation to other potential customers.

Nigel said:

“I am thrilled and delighted with the quality of my new website and have seen a significant increase in new clients as a direct result. What is also pleasing is the number of existing clients that regularly visit the website to keep up to date with all of my on-track activity. I now highly recommend Welsby Marketing to all of my clients in the confidence that they will provide a full and excellent service.”