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Nitalis Financial Services

Marketing Strategy & Planning 

Nitalis provide tailor-made financial solutions for clients who want to invest worldwide, mainly in one-off projects and in a variety of fields such as property and gold.

The range of Nitalis companies had evolved over a period of six years and reached the stage where they needed to be updated and re-launched, as clients were unsure which companies were linked and how.

The logo and branding was developed many years previously and, while recognised by clients, there was a requirement to re-invigorate it, to project the professional nature of the company and the high level of service provided.

Consideration was given to the likely expansion of Nitalis in the future, with as many as ten different divisions, so it was important to capture this information when developing the new branding.

The objective was to develop one main umbrella logo for the Nitalis brand, projecting an overall identity that was recognisable by clients, with sub-brands sitting underneath. An important requirement was to be able to incorporate additional divisions in the future, to give clients the confidence they are dealing with the same company regardless of the division.

The key areas of the project that Welsby Marketing focused on were: